Piet Dreyer Only Accepts the Best: Jaco Deist


Piet Dreyer only accepts the best when it comes to friends and prosthetists, so naturally, he chose Jaco Deist to act as both. According to Jaco Deist, his below-the-knee amputee patient of 20 years and now friend, Piet Dreyer will not settle for anything less than perfection.

Jaco Deist divulges that Piet “demands” a perfect fit and is not one to settle for “it is close to what I want.” All prosthetic patients should take a page from Piet’s book; demand only the best so that your day-to-day life is comfortable and your socket fit doesn’t get in the way of anything you want to do.

Deist admits that “every time he sits in front of me to fit his new socket, my heart races like in the days of my matric exams!” It may give him flashbacks of teen nerves but Deist always gets the job done professionally and to the benefit of his patients. Piet is a great example of the way in which to ensure that all important perfect fit. Once he fits a new socket he is sure to test his leg by walking up and down, forwards, backwards, in his golf stance and can tell in minutes if the new fit is going to work or not.

Deist says that the demanding intimate fit for Piet Dreyer is always just as rewarding as it is challenging. Often times it requires more than one test socket to get it just right but when Deist does he says “it’s the same feeling as passing said matric exam!”

 As a self-employed and hardworking individual with many physically demanding hobbies like fishing, golfing and hunting. He is not the kind of person who has time to worry about uncomfortable walking and never lets his prosthesis hinder him from his work or any of his beloved activities. 

Jaco says “I appreciate every step Piet can take with a joyous spirit and absolutely love to fit him with a prosthesis that fits well. Thank you Piet Dreyer for being a loyal patient all these years!”

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