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A letter to every amputee

Jaco Deist

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My name is Jaco Deist. I have been in the profession of building and fitting prostheses for more than 25 years. There are a number of reasons why I am still doing this, even though it is commonly noted that the average man changes his profession three times in his life.

In my heart, I am happy as a prosthetist. Over the years I have built solid friendships with so many amputees, but all these friendships that come with great responsibility as well. These friends are my patients and must be able to walk once professional our relationship reaches its climax.

My aim is to get a person to put on a prosthetic leg, walk comfortably as well as be able to fulfill their needs and complete their daily tasks and responsibilities. As a prosthetist for 25 years this still gives me an otherwise indescribable pleasing, relieved and satisfied feeling. I thrive on that feeling, I want to get people back on their feet in every sense of the phrase.

When I meet with an amputee, as a new or an old patient, I always immediately feel challenged and responsible for getting you walking, getting you comfortable and in a better place than the one you are in now. My greatest love is meeting your needs and rising to the challenge the moment it enters through my practice’s doors. 

I have been with many families soon after the trauma of any unexpected amputation. At that moment I am immersed and understand the uncertainty, the devastation and the loss you must feel. However, I also have a picture in my mind of the end result, the end result being what we can achieve together. With my help we can reach this within a few weeks from now. I absolutely love being the guide who takes you there, being the person who has the opportunity to show you the new life ahead of you.

I have witnessed so many incidents where this tragedy, this amputation, this moment acts as the turning in your life. This turning point can, and will, propel you to a place in your life where you never would have been, a place where you will push yourself to walk again. This experience is different for everyone but that turning point, when you think all is lost, you will make a change for the better and realise the things you are truly capable of.

So, my message is that with time, guts, fighting spirit and your prosthesis, you can live life again. There is life after an amputation. Everyone’s road to recovery will differ. Your age, health, level of amputation, strength all plays a role to how soon you are up and about again. But we will get there together. Please, stay positive and I hope our paths can cross for the right reasons.

Happy walking,
- Jaco Deist

The Deist & Associates Team

Over the 20 years Deist & Associates has been practicing prosthetics and orthotics we have built solid relationships of which many have turned into friendships. The foundations of our practice are built on our ability to create lasting relationships with patients who require continued professional orthotic and prosthetic support. 

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