Arnold Cardoso


Mr. Arnold Cardoso lost his leg 3 years ago due to diabetes. He came to me this month and has never had a refit done since his 1st fitting. 

He had a pressure sore on the end of his stump, which is so "dangerous" for any diabetic amputee. 

Today's message is to understand that anyone loses a lot of volume after being fitted with his/her first prosthesis. Your stump is still swollen and still has a lot of muscle, and over time, the swelling goes down and the muscle atrophies. Your socket gets too big, and you will experience much discomfort at the end of your stump, eventually causing a soar. 

It is important to control volume with stockings and to see your Prosthetist to check your fitting.

Today, we did a refit and shaped Arnold's leg, trying to imitate his strong calves! Happy walking, Arnold!

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