Every amputee is different when it comes to their needs, and so no one story is going to be the same as another. We have standard process, however, so here are a few things you can expect when getting your bionic hand prosthesis; from pre-prosthetic therapy, to living with your new hand.

We see all of our patients for consultations and give the best advice for each individual according to their lifestyle and preferences. Amputation is completed by a surgeon that I work closely with.

Pre-Prosthetic Physical Therapy

You should start pre-prosthetic physical therapy soon after your amputation; this includes working on strengthening the muscles surrounding your residual limb. Our team will help to show you how to start desensitising your residual limb to make sure that it’s ready for your prosthetic.  You’ll then be fitted with a “stump shrinker” (an elastic stocking, or Post-Op Silicone Liners) that will start shaping your residual limb for initial prosthetic fitting.

Amputation Recovery

Based on your recovery rate, we will determine when you’re properly healed and when your residual limb is appropriately shaped and conditioned for the rehabilitation stage.

In this phase you’ll learn how to properly care for your residual limb and other parts of your body, to ensure a full recovery. Part of the rehabilitation process also involves being fit with a specially-tailored prosthesis (and possibly an interim prosthesis) and learning how to use it.

How Long Does It Take to Recover from An Arm Amputation?

Each individual differs, but on average, our patients stay in hospital for about 2 weeks. Your healing time will depend on your body’s healing ability.

Post-Amputation Assessment

After the procedure, our team will complete an initial clinical assessment. Here, we examine your residual limb, we assess your prosthetic needs and your insurance options to establish what your budget will allow.

Prosthetic Hand South Africa: Fitted by Us

We assist amputees from start to finish, and we have a host of incredible success stories that prove our determination to do our best for all of our clients. Contact us for more information!


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