Erika Bandjes: Courage That Inspires


Dear all,

Jaco here. At the end of last year (2020), I encountered the most courageous woman I have met in a long time. Her name is Erika Bandjes. Today, I have asked her to share her story, her uncertainties, her fear, her pain, and her excitement with...

What is Amputee Rehabilitation?


The loss of a limb will drastically alter the way an individual moves and how they navigate life. This means it’s imperative to do a lot of preparation both mentally and physically, and then to go through rigorous rehabilitation from pre-prosthetic fitting to post-prosthetic...

What are Orthotics Used for?


Orthotics are medical devices used for assisting, supporting, and modifying joints, ligaments and muscles. There are different types of orthotics that function for specific injuries or conditions.

Medical orthotics have different functions, namely:

Leaps and Bounds: Well Done, Lynn!


It’s always incredible to witness the excitement and exuberance of an amputee who has gone through the prosthesis fitting successfully and is now happily able to use them!

Lynn’s case was a challenge for my team and I, as she is a (rare) bilateral amputee. This means...

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