David Bouwer, sometimes better known as “pavement Dave” (because of his love for speed biking), has been with us for the past 15 years. He recently received his new transfemoral prosthesis with his Rheo 3 prosthetic knee and his Balance S Torsion foot. A Rheo knee is a bionic knee with a micro-processor inside that calculates every step, the speed at which he is moving, what his gradient is, etc. It also adjusts the bionic knee according to these calculations. The purpose of this ‘smart’ knee is to make the amputee’s walking much easier.

David is no stranger to Rheo knees, as he has been walking with one for over ten years. Being an active, self-employed plumber, David does a lot of walking and is always out and about. His previous Rheo had recorded over a whopping five million steps! So he’s definitely using it to it’s fullest potential!

Thank you, Dave; we appreciate your support, and thank you for being such a loyal customer. We are proud to assist you, and we hope you enjoy every moment of your new prosthesis.

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