Two years ago, David was involved in a bus accident that cost him his right leg, and badly injured his left side; both his left elbow and left leg sustained injuries that he is still recovering from today. David was initially treated in a government hospital, and fitted with a government-issued prosthetic leg that didn’t fit correctly. The leg was outdated in both design and material and put a lot of pressure on his already injured left leg, so David struggled to walk without experiencing pain.

A previous employer of David’s, Michelle, found out about his situation and generously offered to pay for his very own, custom-fit prosthetic leg! David recently received his new prosthesis and is absolutely elated as he already feels a major improvement in his pain level and mobility.

Michelle has also bought David 10 sessions with our skilled biokeneticist who will retrain David on how to walk confidently without crutches, and more importantly, without pain!

Getting a well-fitting prosthetic is important for balancing the whole body; if the body is unbalanced for a prolonged period of time, more complications can arise – some of them irreversible.

David has already shown major improvements in his walking and is soon going to re-join Michelle in her veterinary practice as her driver and assistant. We are incredibly excited alongside David to see how his journey will progress, and we’re all eager to see him succeed! Keep it up, David – we are rooting for you!

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