Juandre Odendal


We get challenged so many times in our profession, which keeps us on our toes. One of the bigger challenges in my practice is Juandre Odendal, as he was left with a very short and difficult Left Above Knee Amputation and a right drop foot after a serious motorcycle accident. We had to improvise and combine older socket manufacturing skills with modern socket manufacturing technology to create a socket that provides Juandre with comfort and a secure fit with extra stability and support. With such a short residual limb, it is always much more difficult for the amputee to walk, as his lever is so short to control his prosthesis, and it is difficult to feel stable when loading the prosthesis with his weight when stepping on it, and to fiscally keep the prosthesis on.

This video is Juandre walking with the final product after we fitted several test "prostheses". I really take my hat off to him for continuing to try to walk! Well done, Juandre!!

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