Kobus Lottering


I met Kobus Lottering 2 years ago as a new above-knee amputee due to serious gout. His story today is a story of inspiration, motivation, resilience, and an extreme fighting spirit for every amputee and abled body today! Since day 1, he has shown an amazingly positive and die-hard attitude, wanting to start walking again.

Losing your leg Above the knee in your mid-50s is already a major challenge, and within four months, Kobus was walking again without crutches. It was not long after his hard work and effort to walk again he was seriously set back with major gout attacks, and he was hospitalised from June last year till February this year.


When I saw him, I could not believe he was the same man I saw last year. He was half the man I knew and lost 20 Kg and a lot of muscle. My "hope" for him disappeared, but Kobus did not give up once again..... We had to manufacture a new socket, as the previous fitting was now way too loose, and with a massive effort, Kobus could barely stand. 

Yesterday, he sent me this video 2 weeks after he could barely stand.

Kobus, you are an inspiration to every single person! I never met someone like you with such a "no die attitude" like you!!

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