Lucinda Nolin


Yesterday, I saw my 1st amputee for 2024, and once again, I was reminded of what amazing work we have and that we need to appreciate our lives and health.

Last year in January, I met Lucinda Nolin, who was in a motorbike accident 8 years ago and lost her leg above the knee. Over the years, she has made several attempts to walk, but it never really worked, and she found it difficult and painful. In the last 2 years, she did not walk at all and was wheelchair-bound.

So, finally, in January 2024, we got approval for a refit. I was very unsure what to expect as Lucinda's case was quite difficult, and she lost a lot of muscle power. Luckily, she was supplied with excellent components, i.e., the Rheo XC Micro Processor knee and the ProFlex Align foot. 

Lucinda's fantastic fighting spirit and positive attitude really lifted the end result for the 1st fitment and walking session. After a few minutes between the parallel bars, she was brave enough to walk with one crutch for the 1st time in 8 years. Our joy and happiness together were so special, and the year started on a high! Now, we will train Lucinda with gait training sessions for months to come, and we will keep you informed!

Go, Lucinda!

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