We cater for multiple different needs, including patients who require orthotics like knee, neck and back braces. We can also custom-make Amfit insoles to improve your posture, correct your gait, assist with leg, foot, or back injuries and more.

We stock and supply walking aids and various supporting equipment like crutches, walking frames, medical stockings, and sports injury aids.

At Deist and Associates, we ensure that every one of our patients is treated with the utmost care and that every single need is listened to and respected. We offer multiple prosthetic services and top-quality orthotics that will make life easier for all of our patients.

Choose what you need below and we can begin changing your life!

Knee Braces/Knee Sleeves

An extensive range of knee braces and knee sleeves are stocked at our center. We supply various braces - from standard knee sleeves for joint support or mild strains, to more a ggressive knee hinged stabilising knee braces for moderate to severe ligament tears. We also supply and fit postsurgical knee braces. For patients who would rather not compromise their high level of activity, we will, on request, order the extremely lightweight but more expensive, knee braces and sleeves from Don Joy. These provide durable support for mild to severe levels of ligament injuries or osteoarthritis.

Neck Braces

We stock a wide range of neck braces and depending on your injury; we provide you a prescription for a certain neck brace. For soft tissue injuries we supply a soft collar, which is fitted by appointment, and for postsurgical fusions or cervical fractures we stock the Miami or Philadelphia neck brace. All these braces are fitted by an orthotist or trained medical staff.

Back Braces

Back braces are prescribed for different reasons, such as: soft tissue injuries, postsurgical fusions and even severe spinal fractures. We stock shelf items such as the Medac range and Tribal from Royce Medical elastic pull wraps.  You need to book an appointment for these braces so that you can be measured.

For the custom made Moulded Bennett and TLSO braces we either take a plaster cast of your body or we enter your measurements onto our Tracer CAD system. Your brace is then made in our laboratory and supplied on your next appointment. We do corrective bracing for scoliosis and kyphosis deformities. In these situations we need to cast you with plaster, correct the positive cast and then manufacture the corrective brace. X – Rays need to be taken before and after your appointment to determine the improvement of the curve.

In situations where the curve of the scoliosis is higher than your 7th thoracic vertebrae, we need to give you a Milwaukee brace, which has a super structure that extends to the chin.

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