It is one of the most amazing experiences to be able to witness a bilateral above-knee amputee walking once again. Your knees give you both stability and control in your body and to lose both of them is extremely taxing and challenging. Most bilateral above-knee amputees spend the rest of their lives in a wheelchair, but not Simoné.

She has exerted an immense amount of courage, effort, and perseverance as she has taken the challenge head-on! She is learning to walk again while exuding positive energy along the way.

At this point in time, Simoné can walk for 20 minutes at a time on her prosthetic legs. It will still be a while until she can walk without the help of crutches, but what we have witnessed is inspirational.

Seeing her standing and walking with minimal assistance from the bar is truly a very special thing, and we cannot wait to help her further on her mobility journey.

Simoné, you are a true inspiration to us all!

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