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    Allis Steyn
    Still Going Strong

Success Story

Allis Steyn

Below knee

Allis Steyn is an absolute inspiration to any elderly person who has suffered limb loss. A year ago, she struggled with very bad osteoarthritis, and decided to amputate her leg below the knee to alleviate the pain. She was very apprehensive at first, but conquered her fears and approached us for advice, deciding to go ahead with the procedure.

The road to recovery was not an easy one, but Allis pushed through the tougher times and came out on top. Through the process, Allis needed a refit because she had lost a lot of volume in the residual limb, but again she surprised us with her positivity.

Our team was immensely proud to get to witness how far she has progressed, with an unfailing attitude, determination and perseverance. 

Today she is happily driving her own car, living on her own and walking without any assistance at all. Through the pain, hardships and tears, Allis is absolutely thriving.

We are so happy for you, Allis!

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