• Success Story

    Callan Erasmus

Success Story

Callan Erasmus


Callan and I met back in 2017 after his hand was severely burnt in a work-related accident. This accident took away the function of his hand, and he made the brave decision to amputate his fingers so that we could fit a prosthetic hand for him.

Initially Callan completed his compression therapy with us to shape his residual limb into a small and evenly shaped limb. From here, on the 26th of October in 2019, Callan and I jetted off to Scotland to visit Touch Bionics, where they fit his brand new bionic hand and taught him how to use the intricate technology.

A follow up appointment recently brought immense joy to myself and my team; Callan is operating his hand so well, and it’s amazing to see how he has adapted!

Take a look at the video below to see his hand operating with full functionality:

He is a fantastic user and a great ambassador for upper extremity bionic users! Well done Callan!!

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