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    Chris Smit
    Deist & Associates Puts The Spring Back in Chris Smit’s Step

Success Story

Chris Smit

Above knee

Chris Smit had a rough ride, in more way than one. Many years ago he was in a motorcycle accident and he was given a complicated below-knee amputation, as is often done in an effort to preserve the complexity of movement provided by the knee joint.

He made use of the below-knee prosthetic for a few years, but the years of walking eventually caught up with Smit and his tricky initial amputation. After some time he was unable to walk, despite what had been done to save his leg up until this point. For more than a year he had lost his ability to walk as a result of the complications from his initial amputation, and as a result he lost his work too.

After more grief and suffering there was little choice left but to amputate more of Smit’s leg, this time, above the knee. This is a completely different level of amputation and requires a completely different realm of care. Chris was determined to walk again and get a new job, his eyes were always very much set on the prize, no matter what challenges lay before him.

“Chris has seriously surprised and impressed me. After fitting him with his new Above Knee Prosthesis and only a few (admittedly intense) gait training sessions, he was able to walk without crutches!”

Soon after he regained his ability to walk unaided he began work as a long distance truck driver. Smit is the perfect example of how looking forward and setting goals is an effective way to overcome even the most seemingly despairing situations.

His positive attitude and his fight for the life he wanted pushed to him to achieve these awe-inspiring results!

Chris Smit is one of our many testaments as to why giving up is never an option, and it is always a bit easier with a dedicated team of professionals like Jaco Deist and his team in your corner. Check out the video to see the final product Deist & Associates provided Chris Smit with:

Chris, we are all so happy for you!

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