• Success Story

    Divan Engelbrecht
    Young amputee turned sprinter

Success Story

Divan Engelbrecht

Below knee

Divan is a 16 year old boy, who had a traumatic below knee amputation, due to a motor cycle accident. We met with Divan and his parents the day after the accident. His family and himself was obviously in a state of shock and very uncertain about Divan’s future, where to go, what to do etc.

We connected on a very intense level where I tried to explain to them exactly what the road to recovery was going to be, what the time periods was going to be from laying in hospital and to be back at school.

As part of the immediate rehab program, we fitted Divan with a post op rigid dressing, which help to control swelling, oedema and pain.

He was then fitted with post op liners for a 6 week period, to further decrease his swelling and volume of his residual limb.

Today, Divan is back at school, and had a normal December holiday, walking and running on the beach and swimming in the see!

Latest on Divan

Divan approached us as he wanted to start sprinting! We had a consultation and ordered him the “Cheetah Sprinting Blade” from O"ssur. It is the same blade that Oscar Pistorius is running with. After 7 days of intensive fitting sessions and dynamic camera work, we successfully fitted Divan with his first sprinting Cheetah prosthesis!  Divan received Fisio to train him in running and also some coaching from Ampie, Oscar’s coach! Divan’s first serious athletics gathering was in March this year where he came first in his division for 100m’s, 3rd in 200m’s and 1st  in long jump! We are very proud of Divan for his guts and motivation for making such a success of his newly found life!

Prosthetic: Pro Flex –XC Torsion

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