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    Imtiaz Ismail
    A brand new pair of prosthetics from Deist & Associates

Success Story

Imtiaz Ismail

Below knee

Imtiaz Ismail came to Deist & Associates only a few months ago, but it was far from his first visit to a prosthetist or his first experience with amputation and the prosthetics process.

Imtiaz had been a single below knee amputee for twelve years before becoming a double below knee amputee in December of 2018.

In April of 2019 Imtiaz came to us at Deist & Associates where we fit him a test prosthesis on his newly amputated leg as well as the previously amputated leg. The challenge now was the journey we set Imtiaz, he would now need to learn to walk again with his newly amputated leg. Walking on two prosthetics (instead of one) is a steep learning curve and no easy feat.

To make this as comfortable as possible we needed to adjust his newly amputated leg. The newly amputated leg needed to lose volume while also getting used to bearing the weight of Imtiaz’s body as he walks.

We supplied him with two brand new prosthetics for both legs and Imtiaz has shown great improvement in walking over only a short time.

Look at him go!



“Imtiaz, stay strong and positive like you are! Enjoy every step!”

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