• Success Story

    Lynn Bepat
    A Smile To Match

Success Story

Lynn Bepat

Below knee

It’s always incredible to witness the excitement and exuberance of an amputee who has gone through the prosthesis fitting successfully and is now happily able to use them!

Lynn’s case was a challenge for my team and I, as she is a (rare) bilateral amputee. This means that both of her legs required fitting for below the knee prosthetics, as opposed to just one. As a busy business woman, Lynn has little time to struggle with her legs, and she spends a lot of time on her feet running her every day tasks. We needed to ensure that Lynn would be comfortable in the prostheses, and able to put them on with ease.

For the past six weeks, our team has been working closely with Lynn, but with test socket fittings. Today, Lynn has a beautiful set of prosthetics, and a smile to match

Lynn, we are all so very proud of you; you’ve blown us away with your resilience and perseverance along this journey.

To see how far Lynn has come, have a look at the video right here:

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