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    Steyn Steenberg

Success Story

Steyn Steenberg

Above knee

On the 12th of May, 2019, 16 year old, Steyn Steenberg, was in a motorcycle accident. Steyn lost his leg as a result of the accident. He spent twelve days in the hospital before being discharged and starting on his six week journey in the rehabilitation centre. He underwent a customised rehabilitation programme Steyn’s father, Jacques, confirmed to Rekord. This rehabilitation included physiotherapy as well as speech and occupational therapy.

In Die Beeld, Steyn’s father Jacques was the voice of reason. Although it is understandable that it is hard for a sixteen-year-old to fear what a life with one leg will be like, Jacques comforts his son by saying he must understand that it is by no means the end. If you have read, heard or seen anything Jaco Deist and his team have done then you know exactly how wise and true Jacques’ words to his son were.

Steyn’s left leg was amputated in an emergency operation following his accident, his speech has returned and he is growing stronger every day.

His first visit to was a nail biter as Deist says he was nervous because he knows Steyn and his parents and wanted to gift them with a happy moment after all the trauma and grief they had experienced after the accident.

"Steyn was just amazing and after an hour of intensive training, he started walking with one crutch!" – Jaco Deist

For Steyn’s parents to see their child walking and to have him home again must be such a great full and happy feeling.

"I am so happy for you Steyn and so proud!" – Jaco Deist

We have high hopes for Steyn on his road to recovery and we look forward to walking it alongside him.

"Everything will work out just fine and we will keep you posted!" – Jaco Deist

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