We received the next testimonial from Christa via WhatsApp after her consultation with us and we are so excited to see that she is doing so well!

Immediately After Consultation
Dr Deist, baie dankie, ons is veilig in Delmas.  Dankie vir die ongelooflike ervaring.  Die been sit nog steeds soos 'n droom, gewoontlik druk hy my so as ek bestuur, en ek het hierdie keer niks gevoel nie.

A While After Consultation
Die been sit soos 'n droom, en ek het hom eers laasnag half 12 afgehaal. Ek het gister baie meer geloop as in 'n baie lang tyd.

Christa Du Toit - A Wonderful Testimonial


Jaco, I would like to let you know that my new prosthetic leg is very comfortable. It is a huge improvement as the other prosthetic leg I was wearing was not a perfect fit. I had a wonderful December holiday thanks to you and your team. 

I had my first appointment with you in November last year and you managed to complete my prosthetic on the very same day. 

Thank you very much Jaco!!

Jabulani Matshiyane

Jayden Brits

"Afternoon Sir, I just want to appreciate you and your team for the best gift you have gave to us, what a great job, passion and professionalism we encountered from your institution towards putting smile on my wife and my family. May the good God catapult you to another level." - Patricia

Patricia Ndlovu

Jaco, thank you for taking Christopher with you to Őssur's Mobility Clinic. He was so excited for it and is was everything he imagined and more. Christopher really enjoyed it, especially the blade. You are by far the best orthotist, and all our research to find the right one was worth it. You are a great person with a fantastic personality and a good sense of humour… A perfect fit for Christopher! We could not have chosen better. Christopher's progress in such a small amount of time would not have been possible without your outstanding work. He is doing so well because he has the best team and the best support behind him. Again, thank you for everything.

Loretta en Chris

Jaco, from now on I will address you as “Mr. Deist”. You’ve given me an unbelievable gift and experience that exceeded all my expectations. I cannot thank you enough. Fast. Professional. Perfect. Mr Deist, again, thank you. You are a true squire and gentleman. I will proudly recommend you and your team to anyone.

Vincent Weber

Highly professional, immense hospitality and willing to go all lengths by taking calculated risks to make their patients smile again.
When the patient smile they spontaneously smile back at him/her.
I'll always be grateful for their effort from dawn to dusk...day by day.

David Kobola

Jaco you couldn’t have said it any better… for almost half of my lifetime you have brought me so much joy with all of my prosthetic legs throughout the years that just reading your post brought tears to my eyes. Yes, no fit was ever easy for you as we all know you are a very passionate person and you do not stop until you see the smile of pure joy on someone’s face when walking those first few steps with comfort and confidence. You see Jaco, the importance of the role that you have played in my life and everyone else’s lives is just not something you can explain to someone else. You create the ability for one to wake up in the morning and to fit your work of art and walk into the day with a smile and nothing less. It gives us amputees the ability to tackle life head on. For you, and everyone at Deist & Associates, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Piet Dreyer

Today was a personal victory day for me and a big part of getting completely out of my amputee closet! For the very first time since my amputation I wore a short dress without tights! This was a huge comfort zone for me and to be honest not so comfortable in warm weather. It’s not so much to do with my prosthesis, but my other leg is so badly scarred due to donating bone and a lot of skin to save my sick leg from amputation. My prosthesis is beautiful, thanks to Jaco Deist. Any Barbie would be jealous! I used to hate summer because of wearing long pants and we know about the struggles of prosthesis and the heat.It’s like a wet-suit!! To add an extra bonus I wore heeled wedges thanks to my Össur Pro-flex Align. I went on a special date the night before with my sweetheart to test the waters in a short dress and then I went shopping the next day and I felt comfortable with myself. I realised again that comfort zones only keep us caged and restricted! So YAY for me!

A quick check-up with prosthetist Jaco Deist before the holidays. He revamped his whole practice with amazing photos of his amputee clients and artwork of prosthesis parts taken by Monique Blofield, the Photographer Design Studio. It is such an honour and blessing having my “leg-guy” as one of my heroes. His passion for his work is amazing. Thank you Jaco, for making me able to live a normal life. I love my new leg!

Jaco Deist is my Hero. He saved me from having a second amputation which would have been a 'in-knee amputation'. He was very kind, professional and had a lot of patience. He is a expert in his field and has a passion for the amazing work he is doing. My new prosthesis is part of me and the cosmetic part of my leg is unbelievable. Thanks to Jaco I am a fully functional and active amputee. I will be walking a long road with Jaco Deist. He made it a very positive experience.

Lucia van Heerden

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