Orthotics are medical devices used for assisting, supporting, and modifying joints, ligaments and muscles. There are different types of orthotics that function for specific injuries or conditions.

Medical orthotics have different functions, namely:

  • Stabilising movement so that the body part moves correctly
  • Reduce unnecessary weight on damaged tissues, bones, or ligaments
  • Aid in recovery after fractures, ligament tears and other injuries
  • Correct the shape and function of an appendage
  • Reduce pain and strain when using a particular part of the body

Types of Orthotics from Deist and Associates

Knee Braces and Knee Sleeves

From standard knee sleeves for joint support or mild strains, to more aggressive knee hinged stabilising knee braces for moderate to severe ligament tears, we supply various knee braces. We also supply and fit postsurgical knee braces. For patients who would rather not compromise their high level of activity, we will, on request, order specialised knee braces and sleeves from Donjoy. These braces provide durable support for mild to severe levels of ligament injuries or osteoarthritis.

Neck Braces

After a thorough examination, we prescribe which neck brace is suitable for your requirements and type of injury/condition. We recommend a soft collar for soft tissue injuries. For more severe injuries like postsurgical fusions or fractures, we prescribe the Miami or Philadelphia neck brace. 

Back Braces

We examine patients with spinal injuries, postsurgical fusions and other back issues in order to fit them with the correct back brace. Our spinal orthotics come from trusted international brands like Medac, Tribal and Royce.

For more information on orthotics and prosthetics, as well as consultations and fitment, give us a call!

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